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Monday, June 28, 2010

Barrons - Gold and Silver Buys

Gold and Silver Buys:

OK – here are some thoughts on small miners and areas where I do business:
- In terms of coins and bullion - prices vary day to day and dealer to dealer – there’s no shame in shopping around a bit. Most offer free shipping and insurance.
- 2 web companies: www.golddealer.com and www.coloradogold.com
- For buys of 100 to 1,000 ounces or more – I’ve never seen anyone less expensive than www.tulving.com

In terms of some small silver miners that have a shot at seeing their share prices soar. For example: In 2008 we put out a buy on SLW (a silver aggregator) – at a price of $3.59. We sold it at $11 two years later – and currently (we’re still holding some) and it’s at $22. Although I still like SLW – you could easily argue that the bulk of their move might have already happened. Sure they could get to $30 a share and should – but wouldn’t it be nice if we held them from $4 rather than $22? Now a few of the ones I like trade on the Toronto Exchange – so you may need to go thru a ‘phone based broker’ rather than your web-based platform. And – my yardstick – is the company needs a proven reserve with a proven operation.
- UXG ($5.28) is due for a small pull back, this one has the ability to be a 3X gainer the higher gold and silver go
- NGD ($6.51) is a stock we owned at 3 bucks for months and didn't move – then it ran into the 6’s. I think it's got more to go – to potentially 10.
- MVG ($6.64) is interesting and is not playing the rocketship ride ‘just yet’ – but does have all the attributes.
- NG ($7.37) is one we bought a while back at 6.85 that's already been up to 9, and is back down in the 7's.
- HL ($5.78) had not experienced an explosive move as of yet.
- HLLXF (0.56) is really speculative – but it’s the kind of play that when the gold mania really kicks in it could go to 4, 5, 10 bucks.
- AZK ($5.14) / EGO ($18.38) / AEM ($62.70)
- I like SSRI and PAAS (and own them both) – but they’re not the explosive movers
- EXN (Toronto Exchange)
- EAS (Toronto Exchange)
- CG (Toronto Exchange)
- LSG (Toronto Exchange)

These are my best ideas for buying gold/silver and my best ideas for miners/aggregators poised for explosive growth. I wouldn’t recommend buying all of them – but some risk money spread around this group should reward.

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